Mother and Baby Yoga

I have been teaching yoga to mother and babies for over 10 years. Baby Yoga involves mothers and babies having play time helping with the bonding of mother and baby. It gives the baby an awareness of its body, as well as helping to tone and strengthen the baby’s body, preparing it for the next stage in its life.

This yoga technique also allows the mothers to gently stretch and soothe their muscles which ache from carrying, feeding and sleepless nights. Babies love the deep relaxation which is part of the yoga class and this helps babies to become more settled. This in turn helps parents coping with the early stresses of parenting. Baby Yoga is generally for babies from about 4 months.

Yoga 4 Kids

These fun classes are suitable for 2 ½ up to 8 years old. Each class consists of a warm up, followed by an exciting adventure or a classic story explored through Yoga Asanas. These classes help to empower the children giving them confidence, opening their minds and their imagination, whilst stretching and strengthening their bodies to achieve poses both on their own and with partners. The classes end with relaxation and occasionally with yogic games.

Contact Details

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